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Ploughboy’s Lunch

For two days in a row, Simon has had a very specific lunch request:

  • cheese slices. At least one of his (American), and at least one of “Mommy’s” (sharp white cheddar)
  • crackers, but not with soft cheese spread on them. Plain, please, with the cheese on the side.
  • sliced apple

As I looked at his plate, something about it seemed awfully familiar. And then I realized that barring the Branston pickle, Simon has just requested the preschool version of a ploughman’s lunch.

I’m amused that he ordered this quintessential English pub lunch. I’m even more amused that he seems to have inherited his love for the ploughman’s lunch from me, his French/Moldovan/Lithuanian/Belarussian mother, and not the parent bearing the quintessential English surname “Whitworth”.

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