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Down for the Countdown

Matt has spent the last few days struggling with his second (third?) major sinus infection of the year. He’s been upgraded from “acute” sinusitis to “chronic” sinusitis and gets to discuss more aggressive treatment options with an ENT tomorrow, having been referred yesterday. There’s only so many antibiotics and so much cortisone a man can–or should–take. Matt’s been sick more than not the last year and needs to find some relief. I’ve been increasingly worried about him.

Throughout this, I’ve been battling pretty miserable allergies myself and self treating with Zyrtec (which does nothing for me) and Allegra (which also does nothing for me). By Thursday last week I was feeling off, but managed my run anyway. Saturday I felt bad and did my training run feeling so cold that my toes were all Raynaud’s white and numb despite warmish weather. I also hosted a board meeting feeling a trifle woozy. By yesterday I was adding Advil for headaches, throat sprays for my sore throat, and nasal spray to try to open up my clogged head. I knew I was getting worse, but figured I just needed to power through until Matt, prostrate at this point, felt better and/or the pollen count went down.

Then last night I awoke at midnight drenched in sweat. Clearly, it was time to get to to a doctor. Helpfully, Matt’s designer antibiotic and cortisone pack had left him functional enough to watch Simon while I went and got checked out.

The diagnosis?

“You are one sick puppy.”

I have a raging sinus infection of my own. I’ve been walking around with a 101.5 degree fever (normal for me is about 97.5) and the lymphs in my neck, underarm, chest, and groin are all swollen. The doctor prescribed a huge antibiotic dose, regular fever reducers, Afrin spray for three days, saline spray for the duration, lots of steam, and as much rest as I can get.

“But I have a four-year-old.”

“He’s at the video age. Plug him in. You are a sick, sick, woman.”

Sigh. I’m missing spring training tonight. My mom, two weeks to the day post surgery, is picking up Simon tomorrow. I’m playing the rest of the week by ear.

I’m also taking the opportunity to indulge myself with new bath salts, a pack of coconut M&Ms, and the Vanity Fair a friend lent me just today. As an added bonus, Cambria can tell something is off and has been my constant companion in distinctive feline fashion. If I can get the head to stop throbbing, this might just be a cool little 24-hour vacay.

3 Responses to “Down for the Countdown”

  1. Amanda says:

    Coconut M&Ms? How did I miss those? Feel better soon, kiddo.

  2. goldsteinrita says:

    M&M’s and kittys can make everything better but I’m with Amanda. Never heard of coconut M&M’s and not sure I really care that I have missed them being a nutty M&M fan myself. Simon and I will stay at my house as long as possible since you seem to be living in the poison palace.

  3. Amanda says:

    The vessel with the pestle is the brew that is true?

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