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Fun and Games

Yesterday Steepleton delivered and assembled Simon’s new play set. It took the crew (two very nice guys) three hours to put together, and Simon sat and watched for all but about 20 minutes. Most of the time, he sat right by the mulch line and watched as though it were a TV show.

During part of the watching, he and Matt snuggled on the deck, allowing me to get this picture:

My two guys

When Simon is grown and gone and I want a reminder of the short but sweet early years, this will surely be one I visit.

Once the set was assembled, Simon got very busy trying out every feature. Slide, check. Climbing wall, check. Spyglass, check. And possibly his favorite, the rings.

Hang time

I saw him pull this off a month ago at Ruby’s birthday party, but I’m still surprised to learn those arms have enough muscle to do it!

Simon asked about his set first thing this morning when he woke up. We’ve already discussed who will come over and play on with him. I anticipate hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of fun will be had on this in its lifetime. Bonus well spent!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Sweet! Bonus well-spent indeed.

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