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Musical Taste

Matt would describe many of his musical favorites as “interesting”, as in:

“There are lots of interesting sounds going on in that track.”

“Interesting” in this context often translates to “no melody”, “annoying”, or “ear-splitting” from my perspective. It’s an argument that we’ve been having since we moved in together 19 years ago later this month.

Simon, who inherited my noise sensitivity, often concurs with me. However, by virtue of being 4 1/2 and wanting very much to be like his father, he goes along with Matt’s preferred tracks more often than I do. Up to a point. Even a preschooler has his limits, and last Tuesday stretched his to the limits.

After a crabby morning and afternoon, Simon took himself upstairs at  4:30 on Tuesday to rest on my and Matt’s bed. He woke up, with help from Matt, three hours later, at which time he came downstairs and found himself greeted by a concert on Palladia. After a moment or two’s consideration, he laid down the law:

“I did not sleep for three hours to watch this.”

Tell him, Simon!

3 Responses to “Musical Taste”

  1. Amanda says:

    Having been on the receiving end of some of Matt’s “interesting” music, I side with the kiddo on this one.

  2. Matthew says:

    For the record, the band on TV was the Arctic Monkeys, who *are* a bit annoying — but I was trying to figure out what kind of pickups one of the guys had in his Jazzmaster.

  3. Amanda says:

    OK, but there’s no excuse for Pavement.

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