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Missed Photo Ops

I’m catching up on photos this week. Easter pics just went up, next come some-mid April play dates, and then the annual KIP Derby Parade.  This last item is a sore spot. Simon’s class was supposed to create Derby hats. I discussed various horse themes—including Super Hero Jockeys—but Simon insisted on a solar system theme instead. And was quite particular about it.

“Where’s Jupiter’s storm?” he asked before I had a chance to let the first coat of red/pink/orange/purple Jupiter stripes dry.

Then, as I affixed a styrofoam ring to a slightly out-of-scale Saturn (I made it too small to keep the hat manageable), he looked over at Uranus and asked “How is Uranus going to have a ring?” I can’t get anything past this kid, but at least he didn’t tell me I had to leave Pluto out or add Eris in…

Anyway, after three trips to Hobby Lobby for Styrofoam balls (which are shockingly expensive!), floral wire, and paint; several painting sessions, including one that had me skip Tuesday’s group run; and a nerve wracking time carving out the guts of our “sun” with a melon baller (really)  to use as the basis of the hat, we couldn’t get the sucker to stay on Simon’s head.

So we stitched it to a hat.

And that hat tipped off his head.

So we added a chin strap to the hat.

And the hat fell over to one side.

So finally, in an act of desperation that Matt felt violated the class dictate to create “a hat”, I attached our foam solar system to my old bike helmet. Worked like a charm, and I think the hat looks great, if not particularly Derby related:

Please note the polar ice caps and continental land masses on Earth.

So where’s the picture of Simon wearing the hat? Well, when I got out my camera in the classroom, I realized that the memory card was still stuck in my computer. And my backup memory card was mysteriously missing. Argh! That leaves me relying on the kindness of iPhones of fellow KIP parents. I hope to get some decent pics in a day or so.

I’m sure it will be OK in the end. Just last week we left the camera at home for two birthday parties. At the first, a friend got this great pic of Simon and Ruby in a sack race:

At the second, I doubt Baron and Simon stopped running long enough to take a picture. Sometimes friends with iPhones are all you need.

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