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Safety First

Just finished a wonderful Mother’s Day: Brunch with my mom and Evie, a warm and sunny day at long last, the best sweet kugel I’ve ever had compliments of a new cookbook, being awakened by a sweet four-year-old bearing candy, and a good and sweaty run.

There were lots of funny moments, but one standout summarizes life with my little guy. At one point, the ladies were all outside on the (unswept–yikes!) deck while the guys were inside doing something. The detritus of our brunch was sitting on the kitchen island, including my Aunt Florence’s coffee cake (thanks Mom!) and the eight-inch utility knife we used to slice it. Simon wandered into the kitchen alone and helped himself to a piece. We only found out when he told us. Thinking of the knife, we gasped a bit at the potential danger we had exposed him to.

“Simon, did you use the knife?”

“No, I decided the big knife was dangerous. I just grabbed it with my hand.”

A rough edge and visible finger marks in the cake bore out his story. I’m sure this was a learning opportunity about asking for help (Simon) and not leaving knives accessible to small hands (me). And trust me, the lesson was discussed. But as much or more than that, it was a showcase for Simon’s healthy adversity to risk and budding problem solving and independence. For that, I had to smile and appreciate the moment this Mother’s Day.

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  1. blg says:

    problem solving — yeah, that’s what it was!

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