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Skinny Boy: Update

It’s both better and worse than I thought. Simon’s weight, that is.

This morning he got on the scale again after a few days of more normal eating and drinking and came in at 35.5 pounds. That’s better.

Then Matt measured him at 44 inches. I got the same improbable result.

If he gains a pound and a half, he’ll hit the first percentile for body mass! Oh boy. So it’s not just our imagination that he’s the skinniest kid at KIP. Statistically, he’s all but assured to be the skinniest at school, the park, or pretty much any other public spot on the US. According to the CDC website, I should call a doctor. Or perhaps an ambulance.

I’m assuming at this point that there was no chance a slim boy like Simon could keep up with a growth spurt of 3 1/2 inches in just over four months. I mean, that’s insane, right? If he were to keep this up, he’d hit 50 inches by next January and be on his way to Manute Bol proportions. More to the point, his current height puts him in the 90th percentile and makes him a full inch taller than the average 5-year-old. So I’m guessing a plateau is here or just around the corner, after which Simon will focus on adding bulk and return to his slender—but not alarmingly skinny—norm.

But if I’m not seeing some more bulk by the end of June, he’s off to the pediatrician. And between now and then, we’re trading in our Ce Fiore habit for some good old fashioned ice cream.

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  1. christine says:

    Looks like we’ll need to take a trip to Ici while you’re here. Yum!

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