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Date Night

It happened about eleven years earlier than I expected, but last night I found myself getting Simon ready for his first date night out. It was with a teacher, I’ll concede, and she brought her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, but I’m still counting it as a date. A double-date to be precise.

Ms. Tammy at KIP has a thing for sweet boys and has been Simon’s rock at school this year, which ends this Friday. Tammy was the one who just over a year ago told me how much she loved Simon and what a good person he was, leading me to request her as his teacher. She and Ms. Shana have not disappointed!

A month or so ago, Tammy and I found ourselves joking about the fact that she and Simon share a favorite lunch spot, Panera. I upped the ante and suggested Simon “take her out” one night, and was surprised when Tammy enthusiastically replied that she’d love a dinner and park or zoo trip with him. How could I possibly refuse an offer like that?

So yesterday at four, I combed Simon’s hair, washed his face and hands, and reminded him to use his good manners. I considered sending him with some cash in his Lightening McQueen wallet, but didn’t think he’d remember when the time came or understand what “picking up the check” meant. He did, however, remember his directions. When Tammy and her daughter left Panera and suggested an ice cream spot, Simon asked for Ce Fiore.

“Se what? I don’t know that place, Simon” Tammy replied.

“It’s on Eastern Parkway,” Simon offered, “I can get you there.”

And he probably could have! Tammy tells me the whole car roared at this moment, and that her daughter won’t let her live down that one of her students has a better sense of direction than she does. I’ll probably post a summary of this year in the Ms. Shana and Ms. Tammy’s Threes, but if I don’t, I think this little story sums the year up quite nicely. How lucky are we all to have had such a wonderful year that one of Simon’s teachers wanted to spend more time with him in the very last week. I’m optimistic that summer camp and the Fours will go well, but this year—and Ms. Tammy–are going to be tough acts to follow.

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