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Gentleman-like Behavior

Simon’s second week at camp was a foreshortened one: he only went yesterday and today. The little guy had some tummy trouble earlier in the week, and I didn’t want to send him until I knew everything was all sorted out.

Aside from being yucky and a deterrent to having fun, his brief illness also proved to be a learning opportunity. For one, Simon learned a bit about manners:

“Hey honey, was it cool to see your friends again today?

“Yeah, it was. I didn’t see them before this week because I had to stay home with diarrhea.

“Did you tell your friends that?

“No. No one wants to hear about diarrhea. I just told them I was a little sick.”

Well done Matthew, family coach on gastrointestinal etiquette. Apparenly, Matt covered anatomy as well, because this morning Simon sang a little ditty that went like this:

“Large intestine, large intestine, large intestine…”

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