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Family Planning

At last, Simon has come to terms with the fact that we, unlike Mr. Gabriel and Ms. Alek, are not going to be providing him with a baby sister like Anyieth. He put it all together in one hilarious and sad free association ramble today:

“I sure wish our house were like theirs [the Kwais’] and we had a baby and a 27-year-old Mommy. But our family already has its baby, and it’s me, and I’m a five-year-old big boy now of course. Man! It took me a long time to get to five years old.”

My silent rebuttal:

  1. She’s 28 now.
  2. I (kind of) wish you had a 27-year-old Mommy too, although I wouldn’t have been a very good Mommy at 27 or 28.
  3. Speak for yourself; I think the last five years have flown by.

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