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All About Me

Last Friday, Simon came home with an “All About Me” sheet to fill out. It reminded me a lot of the “Tell Us About Your Child” sheet we got in the Twos, except this time Simon got to speak for himself. Here are his replies and my commentary:

Favorite Color: Indigo. Yes, “indigo” and not blue. I think he just likes the way it sounds. Like blue, only fancier!

Favorite Movie: A Hard Day’s Night. In case the first question doesn’t tip off Mr. Sowder that we’re on the odd side, this one will. IF, that is, he knows what that movie is.

Favorite Book: Duck for President. This week. Last week, Make Way for Ducklings. Two weeks before that, Click Clack Moo. We have a rotating set of favorite books. My mom has also kick-started his National Geographic addiction by subscribing him to the kids version. So far, “Naughty Pets” is his favorite feature.

Favorite Food: Cheese Pizza. Or macaroni and cheese. Or grilled cheese. You know, all the stuff that makes me sick. Enjoy it while you can Simon!

Favorite Sport: Swimming. I call foul on this one. I also edited him and added soccer and tennis, the sports we spent all summer playing outdoors in the 100+-degree heat, to the list.

I don’t like it when: My friends are on yellow or red. This is a continuation of his not liking other children being upset or getting into trouble, a trait we’ve observed since his days in the Itsy Bitsy room.

I am special because: I can’t answer that. I think I need to be older to answer that. After two days of asking, the best we got is “I’m really good at sharing.” He was clearly uncomfortable answering this question, and I was fine with that. We talk a lot about Simon’s good qualities in this house as a form of positive discipline, but I don’t use the “s” word very often.

My new friend’s name is: James Marshall. I heard about this boy towards the end of last week. They worked together on a sorting game, and when I picked Simon up on Thursday, James was lined up in all the hall and waved enthusiastically at us when we passed him. I’m glad to see a friendship forming. Matt is hoping for an amplifier connection.

The person I admire most is: My cousin Ben Goldstein. Of course.

I have __ brothers and sisters: Zero. I wish I had a baby sister like Anyieth. Thank you Mr. Sowder for stirring that up again!

The thing I most want my class to know about me is: Another hard question. I don’t know how to answer that. We finally settled on “I can be quiet at first, but I like to be friends with everyone.”

What struck me about the two questions he couldn’t answer is that both provided opportunities to brag about something, and he was very clearly uncomfortable going in that direction. He’ll brag to me and Matt or to family, but it appears that in all other contexts humility reigns.

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  1. goldsteinrita says:

    Yes, he loves to tell me that he has VERY good hearing and vision and is wonderful at explaining to me whenever I have difficulty with anything that the reason is that I am OLD! Do not think I would be planning on a diplomatic career.

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