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Quotable August

While listening to “Hell’s Bells” [I’m not the parent responsible for that exposure]:

“‘Hell’s Bells.’ Hey! That rhymes.”

and also:

“The guitar sounds like ‘too much awesome’ [the name of an effects pedal Matt built], but the singing sounds like ‘too much horrible!”

An Olympics Observation:

“South Korea’s flag looks like a broken cookie.”

Thinking Ahead:

“I don’t know if I’m going to like driving. If I do, then I’ll drive. If I don’t, my girl will. Yeah, Caroline might do the driving.”

Vacation and Vocational Planning:

“Why can’t we go to Australia for vacation”

“Because the tickets cost $2K each. That’s $6K.”

“Ok, I have an idea. We can get jobs, Mommy. We can do things like stack cans or pull weeds for other people and they will give us the money!”

That would take a googolplex of weed pulling I think…

On Reading:

“I’m not really a fan of reading. I’m more of a numbers guy.”

Just in time for kindergarten! Mr. Sowder will be so pleased to hear that.

From the This-Should-Be-a-Real-Expression Department:

“I have the most least energy.”

From the This-Used-to-Be-Grammatical-English department:

“Amn’t? [thoughtful look and a pause] … am not.”

So close to discovering “ain’t.” Do we tell him? It was good enough for Shakespeare after all.

Numbers Guy Redux:

“What were those voltage readings yesterday?” [Matt asks Simon]

“9.42 and 6.45″ [I’m making these numbers up, but they had three digits and a decimal place.]

He was right. The number collecting continues.

On Pages 29-30 of Make Way for Ducklings:

“I can’t resist that cute duckling. I’m going to go back a few pages and look at him again.”

Life’s Work:

“If I were a grown-up, like if I were born in 1970, I think Caroline would drive me to work as a teacher’s assistant like Ms. Darlene.”

“You don’t want to be a teacher like Mr. Sowder?”

“Oh no! His job is too hard. He’s got 25 children to teach. I want Ms. Darlene’s job; she doesn’t have to do as much.”

At the same age, my niece Olivia said the same thing. Once I start volunteering in class, I’m thinking I might concur.


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