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Today the whole Whitworth gang gathered at my in-laws’ for one last blast of summer. Taking center stage in the day was a huge outdoor festival their church hosts each year a short walk from the house. Simon always has a great time, so it’s become an annual tradition. As it’s kind of like the midway at the state fair with less smoking, fewer fried items, and no price-gouging, it has a lot to recommend it.

Other than friends of the Whitworths, we don’t usually bump into anyone we know. Today was no different for me and Matt. But Simon did. Towards the end of the day, he and a new classmate made eye contact and yelled across the crowd at each other. I mosied over to introduce myself, and suddenly this very unusual (for us) encounter took on a very familiar tone.

Me: “Hi Shaina! So nice to meet one of Simon’s friends from Brandeis.”

Shaina’s mom: “Oh, is this Simon? Are you Simon’s mom?”

Me: “Yup, this is Simon. How nice to bump into you.”

Shaina’s mom: “It is. We hear about Simon at home. Shaina tells us he’s the cutest boy in kindergarten.”

Zing! It’s truly a shame that Simon is too young to understand and appreciate this now. Because I have a sneaking feeling that right around the time he’s going to want to be the cutest boy in class, some combination of geekiness, acne, and sensitivity is going to torpedo his status. Possibly all three.

Kindergarten cuteness is wasted on the kindergarteners…

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